Happy 221st day of the year!

August 9, 2017

To celebrate this singular day, the Beacon Society, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, proudly launches the Junior Sherlockian Society. The society invites children and youth to complete Junior Sherlockian Training- an in-depth study of Sherlock Holmes’s character traits, observational skills, capacity for critical thought, and inductive and deductive reasoning. During the online training, Junior Sherlockians-in-Training complete the 2-2-1-b tasks to explore, experience, and extend their understanding and appreciation of the great detective. Upon completion of the tasks and submission of “training evidence,” a certificate of completion is granted.

Andrew​ ​Solberg​ encouraged the formation of a Sherlockian society for children and youth, and many other notable Sherlockians assisted in the development of the 2-2-1-b tasks. For example, Junior Sherlockians-in-Training may choose to

  • Be introduced to Sherlock Holmes’s creator, “The Grand Game,” and Sherlockians by reading “The World of Sherlock Holmes” essay by Francine​ ​Kitts​.
  • Review Sherlock Holmes’s resume created by Dr.​ ​Marino​ ​Alvarez​. If Sherlock Holmes had to apply for his position as a consulting detective, what background information, skills, and talents would his resume reveal?
  • Read Susan​ ​Diamond​ and Francine​ ​Kitts​’s analysis of the language, imagery, and structure of “221B,” by Vincent Starrett, and complete a word search of the most prominent words in the poem.
  • Read Baker Street Elementary comics by Joe​ ​Fay​, Steve​ ​Mason​, and Rusty​ ​Mason​. The comic strip chronicles Sherlock Holmes and John Watson’s adventures if they had attended the same grade school.
  • Read “10 Rules for Writing a Sherlockian Pastiche,” by children’s pastiche writer Derrick​ ​Belanger,​ and then write one of their own.
  • Retell “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” using Chris​ ​Schweizer​’s paper dolls to someone who has not had the opportunity to read about “the whimsical, little incident.”
  • Perform the “The Red-Headed League” play, Dr.​ ​Marino​ ​Alvarez​’s adaptation of “the three pipe problem,” with friends and/or family members.
  • Read issues of Baker Street Elementary’s “The Life and Times in Victorian London,” by Joe​ ​Fay​, Liese​ ​Sherwood-Fabre​, Rusty​ ​Mason​, and Steve​ ​Mason​, to learn more about 19th century England.

Junior Sherlockians-in-Training may begin their training at


Please share this announcement with your scion and/or group and encourage children and youth in your area to participate in the training.