The game is afoot at

September 5, 2017

The Beacon Society, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars, has proudly launched the Junior Sherlockian Society. The society invites children and youth to complete Junior Sherlockian Training- an in-depth study of Sherlock Holmes’s character traits, observational skills, capacity for critical thought, and inductive and deductive reasoning. During the online training, at, Junior Sherlockians-in-Training complete the 2-2-1-b tasks to explore, experience, and extend their understanding and appreciation of the great detective.  

The tasks include opportunities to

  • Be introduced to Sherlock Holmes’s creator, “The Grand Game,” and Sherlockians by reading “The World of Sherlock Holmes” essay.
  • Read the Baker Street Elementary comics. The comic strip chronicles Sherlock Holmes and John Watson’s adventures if they had attended the same grade school.
  • Retell “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” using paper dolls to someone who has not had the opportunity to read about “the whimsical, little incident.”
  • Perform the “The Red-Headed League” play, an adaptation of  “the three pipe problem,” with friends and/or family members.
  • Read “10 Rules for Writing a Sherlockian Pastiche,” and then write one of their own.
  • Review Sherlock Holmes’s resume. If Sherlock Holmes had to apply for his position as a consulting detective, what background information, skills, and talents would his resume reveal?  
  • Explore the language, imagery, and structure of “221B,” by Vincent Starrett, and complete a word search of the most prominent words in the poem.
  • Read issues of Baker Street Elementary’s “The Life and Times in Victorian London,” to learn more about 19th century England.




Upon completion of the tasks and submission of “training evidence,” a certificate of completion is granted.  

Please share this announcement and encourage children and youth in your area to participate in the training. A promotional poster and bookmarks may be accessed at Also, plan to join the Junior Sherlockian Society’s Facebook page at The page was developed to connect and resource friends of the Junior Sherlockian Society.